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Adele praised for being a 'professional' at the Grammys

Adele praised for being a 'professional' at the Grammys

Adele has been praised for being a "professional" and soldiering on with her problem-plagued performance at the Grammy Awards.

The British star's rendition of 'All I Ask' was beset with sound issues caused by a piano microphone falling onto the instrument's strings, which made an audible crash and knocked the piano out of tune, while there was also an issue with the volume levels fluctuating when Adele was singing.

Neil Portnow - the President National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the body that organises the Grammys - has now publicly paid tribute to Adele for unwavering professionalism on stage.

Speaking to, he said: "All credit to her for the professional that she is. The show must go on. She did a great job. We certainly don't like when those things happen, but those things happen sometimes."

Portnow also elaborated on Adele's Twitter post which revealed the tuning issues had been caused by the falling microphone.

He said: "the show has over 20 performances, each performance is a complete set change. We change over the microphones, wires ... My understanding is that, just like this kind of microphone, something like that happened, the microphone dropped into the strings. You've seen the inside of a piano. You could actually hear it in the control room."

Portnow admitted the accident was unfortunate for everyone involved, and especially 27-year-old Adele, but insists mishaps rarely occur at the Grammys.

He said: "These things happen. Rarely on our show, by the way. We have an extraordinary track record ... That being said, when you're performing, particularly an intimate performance like she was doing, she's doing a solo vocal with a piano, it can be unnerving."