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Adele is a 'great' parent

Adele is a 'great' parent

Adele thinks she's doing a "great job" as a mother.

The 'Hello' hitmaker is very conscious that her success means three-year-old Angelo - her son with partner Simon Konecki - will have a very different childhood to the one she experienced, but doesn't think their wealth will affect him too much because she is still the same person she always was.

She said: "I think we're doing a great job and we will do a great job. I'm very conscious of how much my life has changed and how much his childhood will be very different to mine, but I haven't changed. My life has changed, but I haven't changed."

It was only once she had given birth to her son that Adele realised she had been "craving" motherhood.

Speaking to Graham Norton for her forthcoming TV special, 'Adele at the BBC' - which airs in the UK on BBC One on Friday (20.11.15) - she explained: "It changed me completely, in every single way possible and something much bigger than myself happened. I had been craving that I think, without me realising it, and there's a lyric in one of my songs about becoming a mum, 'I find it funny that you're the only one I never looked for', because I was like yearning for something and I never knew what it was.

"Then I got pregnant and he makes me realise everything about myself that I like and I don't like and I think that's why the album has become this journey about how I make myself feel, rather than how someone else makes me feel like I've done before."

The 27-year-old singer can't understand why people claim she is "like a unicorn" because she is always out and about with her little boy.

She said: "Someone described me as like seeing a unicorn. I am not a recluse, I go out every day! I've been to every park, every museum, every supermarket, every shopping centre, what do you think I do on a rainy day with my kid? I don't lock him up inside."

During 'Adele at the BBC', the chart-topping singer performed a number of her classic tracks and some new material, as well as chatting with Graham and even showing her comedic skills in a hilarious yet touching sketch.