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Adam Lambert: Robyn saved me from a break up

Adam Lambert: Robyn saved me from a break up

Adam Lambert says Robyn's 'Eclipse' helped him get over a tough break up.

The 'For Your Entertainment' hitmaker admits he was left "sobbing" when he heard the track soon after he split from his other half.

When asked what song makes him cry, he said: "It's not one of her singles but I remember listening to this song one time and just sobbing. Something about it just hit me at that particular moment in time.

"I was getting out of a relationship and I remember being really struck by the lyric 'There's and eclipse in your eye where I used to shine'. She's such a great songwriter."

And the 34-year-old star - who now tours alongside Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor - also opened up about John Lennon's "sentimental" track 'Imagine'.

When asked what song he'd like playing at his funeral, he added to NME magazine: "I don't know if it's a funeral song but there's something very sentimental about it. It's melancholy but not too full-on. There's something kind of 'greater than us' about this song."

Meanwhile, Adam previously revealed performing alongside Queen has given him "great confidence".

He said: "[It has given me] a great confidence. Public reaction to the group's concerts [have been] wonderful and the tour gave me the opportunity to make myself known to more people."

When asked if he feels differently performing with a group than solo, he added: "I would not speak of different emotions but of different ways to approach the show. With the Queen I have to be really exaggerated, bordering on the ridiculous, even the costumes, because it is the music that requires it, I have to be drawn into the role.

"In my tour instead [I] explore the current fashion and dance and I can express my creativity. I have taken care of every single aspect of the show."