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Adam Lambert intimidated by Queen gigs

Adam Lambert intimidated by Queen gigs

Adam Lambert admits performing with Queen is "intimidating".

The 33-year-old star found singing with the legendary band - whose frontman Freddie Mercury died in 1994 - a "big challenge" and admits knowing the performances have all gone down well gave him a confidence boost.

He said: "It gave me renewed confidence, the Queen project. It made me feel validated and like I accomplished something because the Queen thing was a big challenge and kind of intimidating. So coming off of that and feeling like it was a victory was really good."

Adam is known for his flamboyant image and admits his outer confidence means people often unfairly assume he's a diva.

He told Schön! magazine: "I think when you wear eccentric clothing and you perform confidently on stage it's easy to assume someone is an asshole or a diva or whatever and I don't think I am. I'm sure I've had my moments but I think I'm pretty friendly."

And the 'Ghost Town' singer - who shot to fame when he competed on 'American Idol' in 2009 - also finds it frustrating that he doesn't get enough credit for his ideas.

He added: "I think one of the other misconceptions is that a lot of the ideas and creativity doesn't come from me. Maybe because of where I came from with 'American Idol' or whatever. I think sometimes people go 'Why is the label making you do this.' No one's making me do anything. OK, I'm doing it. It is a team effort."