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Aaron Paul reveals his homecoming wish

Aaron Paul reveals his homecoming wish

Aaron Paul is eager to leave Los Angeles and return to the "mountains and streams" of Idaho.

The 36-year-old actor, who is best known for his starring role in the popular TV series 'Breaking Bad, grew up in Idaho and admits he misses the scenic northwestern state in the US.

Reflecting on his childhood, the star said: "It was incredible. I appreciate it much more now being away from it. I grew up on the lake, floating the rivers, nothing but mountains and streams and wildlife and that sort of thing.

"I was always snowboarding from a very young age. And you think, oh God I can't wait to get out to live a more exciting life. But now living in Los Angeles since I was 17, I cannot wait to get back to Idaho."

Aaron admitted it took him a long time to appreciate Los Angeles, where he currently lives, and to find a social circle in which he felt comfortable.

He told the Observer newspaper: "I didn't fall in love with Los Angeles as quickly as I had imagined I would. It took me a good two to three years to really love the city. Now I'm madly in love with it.

"There's a lot of Los Angeles that at first glance you're terrified by, a lot of fake people and the glitz and glam, that's not really my cup of tea.

"Then eventually you get your core group of friends who you love and trust. I wouldn't call it lonely. I was fighting for something. I was trying to get my foot inside that door. And eventually the door was opened."