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Aaron Carter's depression result of parents' divorce

Aaron Carter's depression result of parents' divorce

Aaron Carter's depression was triggered by his parents' divorce.

The 28-year-old star has spoken candidly about his battle with mental illness and drug abuse and how it was the result of his father Robert and mother Jane announcing the end of their marriage on the same day he was due to film his MTV 'Cribs' episode.

Talking about that day, he recalled: "It was 2004 or 2003, a lot of money was coming, in we had the biggest estate in all of the Florida Keys.

"I had to show all the cameras my life that I was losing and nobody ever knew it."

And after their split, the pop hunk turned to boozing and substance abuse.

He added: "The depression was brought on because I loved my family being together. I did not want to see them divorced. I couldn't dwell on it. I couldn't think about it too much. I kind of had to block it out. I started partying and getting into a lot of trouble."

As a result of his wild partying, his money was going down the drain and another incident tipped him over the age, the shock death of his sister Leslie Carter in 2012.

The 'I Want Candy' hitmaker had seen his sister weeks before her death and wanted to help her by paying for her to go to rehab.

During an interview on 'Oprah: Where Are They Now', he explained: "I wasn't making that much money. Fortunately, I just hit my bonus - $10,000 the week before Leslie died - and I actually reached out to her two weeks before that and I said, 'I'm going to get you the money to go to rehab.' She wanted it and her phone got cut off."

However, after she had passed away Aaron - who is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter - learned to value life again.

He said: "I think out of all the experiences and all the things that happened with my sister's passing. I just learned that life means so much to me and more than just money and fame."

However, money became tight and Aaron claims he was unable to return to music because labels and the industry didn't want to work with him.

He explained: "With everything that was happening. I started losing all my money I went broke.

"They were not interested in me. They had no interest in me. They didn't want to touch me. They didn't want to touch me. They didn't want to do anything."