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Aaron Carter: Proving my doubters wrong empowers me

Aaron Carter: Proving my doubters wrong empowers me

Aaron Carter's recording career began as a joke.

The singer, the younger brother of Backstreet Boys' singer Nick Carter, released his debut album at the age of just 10.

But he says he never expected to have a lengthy career in the music field.

Aaron admitted: "Johnny Wright put it all together, and it was kind of like a joke. My first song was called 'Crush on You' and it was a cover by the Jets... Johnny Wright told me years later 'We did it as a joke, but then you went and opened up for Backstreet Boys in front of 50,000 people and you got a record deal that night.'

"I don't think I had a voice. I think I was terrible. But they did it as a joke and I just wanted to get good. I started off singing all these really high-pitched songs when I was younger. And then, the second album was kind of like rapping. Then I wanted to figure out how to sing."

Aaron was speaking on Oprah Winfrey on 'Oprah: Where Are They Now - Extra'. Growing up in a musical family, it was almost fate that Aaron ended up as a singer, as he added: "Justin Bieber and other kind of kids, they started when they were like 13, 14. My story's a little different. This is all I've ever known."

Despite his doubters, Aaron had a successful career and is currently working on new material to release this year.

He concluded: "I just want to prove people wrong. It empowers me."