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Wife dodging bills

Wife dodging bills

Dear Maura

My wife is earning more than me yet she expects me to pay all the bills and to foot most of the shopping bill.

I discovered in her current account that she has thousands saved while muggins here has nothing.

We have three kids and it’s not easy to sort out all of them financially.

We are booking a holiday and I’m expected to pay for most of it.

I thought women were supposed to want equality, not my wife.

Most of my mates’ wives share expenses but not all. I just don’t get it.


Well clearly you are not getting any of your wife’s money and you’ve let this situation fester by not making a stand a long time ago on this issue.

Of course she should be paying her share, it’s only fair since she is earning more money than you are.

But your problem is that you are too passive.

You need to do your homework.

Have the bills you pay, the total you fork out for shopping etc, and weigh it up against what you earn and what she earns, and then work out a different system, together.