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The Irish public’s most unusual sex questions and most embarrassing moments

The Irish public’s most unusual sex questions and most embarrassing moments

I’ve been a sex expert for more than 25 years, and have answered thousands of questions from the basic to the extremely kinky – but people still surprise me the odd time with a question I’ve never been asked before.

Let’s have a look at theIrish public’s most unusual sex questions and most embarrassing moments


My girlfriend farts when we sleep together. Is that normal? And should I pretend I didn’t hear it?

For a vast majority of women, breaking wind during intercourse is not part of their sexual repertoire.

But of course it can happen, especially close to an orgasm.

The nice and polite thing to do is to just ignore it – unless you have any reason to believe that your girlfriend is doing it on purpose.

My husband caught me masturbating and he insists that we need to talk about it. How can I get out of this embarrassing situation?

Agree to talk to your husband if in return he promises to never bring the subject up again.

You don’t have to go into too much detail, just explain the basics.

Keep in mind that you didn’t do anything wrong, so you don’t even need to be embarrassed about what happened.

My mother found a sex doll in my bed when she cleaned my room. How can I explain this away?

You can’t. Just take this as a lesson: tidy up your own room in future.

I struggle to keep an erection when I sleep with a girl for the first time. What is wrong with me?

You seem to suffer from situational impotence — meaning the failure to maintain an erection in a specific situation only.

You are probably nervous and put yourself under too much pressure to perform.

When your erection fails, don’t panic – stay calm and try to distract yourself.

Caress your girl’s body, call up erotic fantasies, whatever might help you to relax.

It will work.


I had my pubic hair removed but my lover doesn’t like it. Where can I find a merkin?

You can buy pubic wigs on the internet.

There’s an amazingly huge range on offer, from basic wigs in classic styles and natural tones, to novelty wigs in playful shapes and all the colours of the rainbow.

My boyfriend wants me to get a pubic tattoo for his birthday, with his name in it. Should I go for it?

Depends on his name.

No, seriously, it’s not such a great idea to tattoo your partner’s name on your skin, unless you’re pretty sure that you’ll stay together forever.

Don’t get a permanent tattoo straight away – try a sprayed-on air-brush tattoo first.

These so-called vattoos last for about a week, so you won’t be stuck with it forever.

And it’s still a nice and sexy birthday surprise.

What is a seatbelt fetish? And how weird is it?

A seatbelt fetishist gets turned on by wearing a seatbelt, or by watching others wearing one.

It might sound like it’s a bit on the strange side, but it’s actually not that unusual.

For the kinky minded, wearing a seatbelt over sexy lingerie or in the nude is comparable to bondage, a way of breaking out of ordinary routines and of experimenting in pursuit of new erotic kicks.

Is it ok if my wife and I have a threesome with a sex doll?

Sure, of course that’s ok.

I mean, it’s definitely safer to share your marriage bed with a sex doll than with a real guy or girl.

You don’t have to worry about contraception and safe sex, there is no need for jealousy, and a sex doll fulfils all your wishes without moaning.

So why not?

Could I lose weight with ten minutes of sex instead of jogging for an hour?

Making love is physical exercise, so it burns calories and helps you to lose weight.

But I wouldn’t depend on sex alone to get into shape.

Unless you know sex positions that I’m not aware of, you don’t burn as many calories with ten or 20 minutes of sex as you would burn if you were out jogging for an hour.

Is it true that women think about housework when they have sex?

Some do.

One out of every 25 women (four per cent) plans her housework during intercourse.

Others think about work, plan their next holiday or worry about unpaid bills.