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Should I get back together with ex?

Should I get back together with ex?

Dear Maura

Since our separation my ex and I are getting on like a house on fire.

We went our separate ways five months ago.

I’m 37 and he’s 42.

We’ve known each other since school and figured that part of the problem was that we knew each other for too long.

There was no affair or anyone else that I know of.

There were lots of rows and we didn’t want the kids to grow up with those kind of memories so we made the decision to end the marriage. 

He moved to an apartment only a few streets away so he sees our son and daughter nearly every day. We are really used to each other, so I can’t imagine even trying to get to know someone else the same way. Do we give it another try? 

I think he feels the same as me. What if it doesn’t work out and we’ve put the kids through that again as well as ourselves? 


You’ve written a very detailed and thought-provoking letter but you really need to be making these points to your ex. 

Clearly you have worked through many of the issues of getting back together but somehow reading your explanation of your break-up I feel that perhaps it was a premature move. It’s almost like you convinced yourselves that knowing each other for so long is a recipe for a break-up. 

I think there is still love there. You absolutely should talk to him, after all the advantage of knowing each other for so long is that you can gauge how he feels. Sort out the cause of the rows and then who knows.