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My religious husband has a quick temper

So much for his religion...
So much for his religion...

Dear Maura,

My husband is a very religious man but he has a very quick temper and I just don’t see how this combination can go hand in hand. When we go out he has to go into the church to pray and light acandle. So Saturday morning I like to go for a coffee and read the papers but he’ll have to do his thing first.
If I complain or tell him to hurry he has a meltdown. So much for his religion. I’d love to know what exactly he’s getting out of his praying because I’m certainly not getting the benefit of it and would love to tell him as much but it would only set him off. 
Maura says: When did religion become so important for your husband? He seems to be almost controlled by his fervour.  I agree with you that instead of inspiring him to be a kinder person it has created a very tense, stressed individual.
Can you think of something that could have triggered this obsessive practise of visiting church and lighting candles? Everyone is entitled to relate to God and develop their spirituality their way but this is more like an obsessive compulsive disorder. 
You will need to work out what is influencing this behaviour and to talk to him about it.