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My ex-girlfriend just won't let me go

My girlfriend just won't let go...
My girlfriend just won't let go...

Dear Maura,

I’m a 32-year-old guy who has split from his girlfriend a month ago but she just won’t let me go. Our relationship lasted three years and they were great years, but then she changed.
Whenever I went out she wanted to know where I was going and which friends I was going out with. It got so bad that when I went to football training she would wait on the sideline. I had enough so I said we needed to take a break.
She seemed fine with the whole thing until a week ago I was out with my group of friends and she was there with her mates. She started to tell me that she was in love with me still, that I wasn’t being fair to her, that I had moved on and didn’t think of her anymore.
Then she starts accusing me of seeing other women, which isn’t true. The whole night got out of hand and I ended up walking away. I didn’t contact her and I’m worried if I do make contact she’ll just get worse.  What do you think?
MAURA SAYS: The girl hasn’t moved on and clearly you need to talk. I’m not so sure it was a good idea to end the relationship by using the words ‘take a break’.
Does she fully realise that it’s over? Her issues go back to that time in your relationship when she started to become very clingy and possessive. I wonder what brought on that change.
The poor girl has been a nervous wreck and if you were to talk to her calmly it could help. You need to be clear about what exactly is going.