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Money has made my life miserable

Money has made my life miserable
Money has made my life miserable

Dear Maura,

Money is making me miserable. Sounds stupid, I know. My husband is a very successful man and is loaded. Our three kids want for nothing. They’re into everything - horse riding, guitar lessons, sport... no expense spared.
My life is just about delivering and picking them up. I’ve put on weight, I’m bored. I’ve a nanny and she makes me feel totally redundant. When I was giving out about doing all the driving, my darling husband got her to help me out.
The other thing is he works so hard. I miss him around the place. I know I’ve nothing to really complain about so why do I feel so bad?
Maura says: Your life lacks direction and you’ve allowed the role of mother to take you over completely. Your husband is a very thoughtful man - the nanny gives you the opportunity to have freedom to do some activities for yourself.
Take some time away from the house, break up your routine to help you work out what you would like to do.
You are unhappy essentially because there is nothing in your life that is fulfilling you. What are you passionate about? What gives you a sense of achievement (apart from your family)? Find a challenge and see how much this will energise you. There’s always voluntary work.