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I'm sick of my wife always thinking there's something wrong with her

Problem PagesBy Maura O'Neill
My wife always thinks there's something wrong with her
My wife always thinks there's something wrong with her

Dear Maura,

I’m sick to death of my wife constantly thinking that there is something wrong with her.  
I blame these websites she keeps looking up to check her symptoms. I told her the other day that she has too much time on her hands with all the kids at school.
 She reads into everything. Anything a celebrity has she thinks she could have it too.  
She’s keeping a close eye on Angelina Jolie’s latest stuff about her health.  What am I going to do with her?  She even has me writing to an agony aunt because I’ve run out of answers!
Maura says: I wonder is she going through a difficult time having seen your last child head off to school. It could be that there is a void in her life that she doesn’t know how to cope with and that has her constantly thinking about her health.
 Perhaps your advice to get something to occupy her time isn’t far off the mark. But you should suggest she gets a full health check.  
Then hopefully she gets an clean bill of health and you can move onto your plan B which is to get her out and about and living her life for herself!!  Even if she got involved with some volunteer work to take her out of the house.