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Flirting with chemist

Flirting with chemist

Dear Maura

I get a weekly prescription filled for an old neighbour in the only chemist in town.

I’m a 55 year old widow and love my weekly visits.

A new pharmacist works there and I go when he’s on.

I can’t figure out if he’s flirting with me or it’s his good manner.

I want to go for a coffee with him.

If he says no it will be awkward because there’s no other chemist.


I don’t see any issue here other than you’re misreading the signs.

But why start out on a negative?

Let’s emphasise the positive instead.

You’ve been flirting for a while so that’s a good sign.

You go there regularly so in a way you are slowly getting to know each other.

And it’s only natural the next step is a coffee. Convinced? I hope so!