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My daughter is sleeping around

My daughter is sleeping around

My 22 year old daughter is sleeping around.

I found out when she and a few friends stayed in our house after a party.

They were up in her room chatting away and I heard everything.

I was shocked.

She said she really likes one of them.

We’ve had the chat about being safe and she’s on the pill.

But I’m worried about why she’s like this.

I didn’t hear the other girls say anything like that about themselves.

Could there some issue that’s making her do this.

She’s very pretty and makes a huge effort on how she looks.

She’s also confident so I don’t get why she’s doing this.


At least she’s talking about her sex life to her friends, she’s not bottling up her feelings; they are getting aired which is good.

What did you think of the way her friends responded to her?

Also on another positive note she likes one of these men so perhaps you could try to get her talking about him, encourage her to have him over to the house, just to single him out in some way.

I think if she ended up developing a relationship with him the others would soon be forgotten.

Keep the communication lines open, with support she will come through this ‘phase’.