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Irish Transgender woman finds her dream man – who used to be a girl

Harry Matthews and Jamie O'Herlihy (Pic: Facebook)
Harry Matthews and Jamie O'Herlihy (Pic: Facebook)

Transgender Irish woman Jamie O’Herlihy (23) was struggling for years to find love until she met 24-year-old Harry Matthews, who used to be a girl.

The loved up couple met at a trans training programme that they had both almost backed out of attending, according to reports in today’s Irish Mirror.

Jamie, a dancer and bartender in Dublin told the paper:

Jamie O'Herlihy (Pic: Facebook)

"It is like fate brought us together. We had both booked to do this week of workshops and activities for all different aspects of being transgender but we got cold feet at the last minute.

"I almost backed out of it and had to be really talked into going. I didn't know this at the time but Harry was going through exactly the same.

"It was love at first sight - well kind of. It turns out we'd both actually noticed each other on the event's Facebook page before going but I didn't realise just how cute he was until he walked in with his suitcase.

Harry Matthews and Jamie O'Herlihy (Pic: Facebook)

"It might seem like our relationship is going pretty quickly because we've only been together a few months but it just feels so right."

Harry is almost fully transitioned after completing hormone therapy and most of his gender reassignment surgeries, Jamie on the other hand is just about to begin her journey towards being a fully transitioned woman.

"We completely understand what the other is going through. No matter how we're feeling, we can be what the other needs because we both just get it,” Harry told the paper.

"Even though we're at very different points in our transition we are such a big emotional support to each other.

"Having someone who makes you as happy as Jamie makes me is always important but especially when you're going through something this challenging.

"And the fact I'm further along means I can reassure her about things. She was terrified of having surgery but I've been able to tell her that it's not that scary because the end result makes you happier than you have ever been before."

Harry Matthews and Jamie O’Herlihy  (Pic: Facebook)

Jamie also has a sister called Chloe O’Herlihy (20) who used to be her brother Daniel; both siblings announced they were transgender to family and friends at the same time last summer.

Their mum Sarah O'Herlihy has always been incredibly supportive and never questioned their choices, according to Jamie.

Jamie and Harry now have their very own YouTube channel called ThatTransCouple where they share their experience from day-to-day life as a transgender couple.