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Hubby controls my whole life

Hubby controls my whole life

Dear Maura,

I’m married 18 years and have never been out for a night on my own. My husband reckons that if I want to go out I should be with him. While the kids were babies I didn’t mind sitting at home while he had nights out. They’re now teenagers.

I’ve returned to work part-time, which he can’t handle. I’ve an important night coming up and he can’t accept I’m going. As a grown woman I should be able to go out if I wish.

Since I’ve been mar­ried I’ve never had a friend call to the house. He hates me talking to the neighbours in case they invite me in for a cup of tea. I feel like walking out but I couldn’t leave the kids.

MAURA SAYS: You will have to stand your ground. Show him that you won’t be controlled by his bul­lying. Everything revolves around him. Was he like this before you married?

The best thing you ever did was to go back to work. This should give you confidence, and by taking such an important step you will be able to continue to gain independence. This is your greatest achievement to date. an important step showing that you won’t be controlled by him.