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Father-in-law caught us having sex

Father-in-law caught us having sex

My father-in-law caught us having sex in our back garden and hasn’t spoken to us since.

My husband has called in to the house to see him but he just leaves and won’t even look at him.

I know he’s embarrassed but he has to get past this and it was his fault anyway.

He’s always dropping in unannounced.

He’s in his late seventies and he saw everything!

What’s the best thing to do?


He needs time to get the image of his son and daughter-in-law having sex out of his head.

He needs some space to just get back to being normal with both of you again.

It will happen with time. Some family occasion will give you the chance to get the awkward first meeting out of the way.

Whatever you do, don’t make a big deal out of this.