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Sex with teacher was just so clumsy

Sex with teacher was just so clumsy

Dear Angela

Last weekend I (22) had a one-night stand with one of my former teachers (35). We’d met at a class reunion and after flirting, we spent the night together. It was exciting, it felt like forbidden sex, although I’ve been out of school for five years.

To my surprise he was clumsy in bed. He couldn’t find his way in, although we started in the missionary position with him on top. Every time we changed position we had the same problem; he couldn’t get back in. In the end I was sore from all the poking in the wrong places.

He’d like to see me again, but I don’t want another night of poking and getting sore. I’m afraid my teacher is one of those hopelessly clumsy guys who can’t get things right.

ANGELA SAYS: More likely, your former teacher is just one of those guys who feel nervous with a new partner - and let’s not forget, the former pupil-teacher relationship put him under huge pressure to perform. Don’t let this first-night-clumsiness put you off - if you like the guy give him another chance.

Don’t expect your man’s penis to find the way in on its own – finding the right spot is a challenge even for guys in long-term relationships. Give him a helping hand and guide him to the right spot. To ensure things will run smoothly, use a lubricant.


He wants to strip me

Dear Angela

My husband (45) confessed he’s had a strange fantasy for many years: when I’m dressed up sexy, he’d love to tear off my clothes the moment we come home, and then make love to me.

I’d no idea he had this wild streak, it’s so NOT like him. As much as I’d love to fulfil his sexual fantasy, I can’t let him tear my clothes.

ANGELA SAYS: Most guys – and girls - have a secret wild side, even if it’s only in their fantasy. I understand that you don’t want your favourite clothes in tatters, but the fulfilment of his sexual fantasy is worth a little sacrifice.

You must have an old sexy outfit that’s past its best, or you could buy a cheap outfit just for the occasion.

Go for it - bring your husband out, and tell him over dinner or a couple of drinks that you’re wearing an outfit that he can tear apart as soon as you get home.


Man’s odd sex aid freaked me

Dear Angela

Last weekend I met a gorgeous bloke in a bar. I almost went home with him for the night, but then he started to act weird, and scared me off.

He started to squirm on his stool and when I asked him what’s wrong he said he was wearing a parachute on his balls, and that it was killing him. I had no idea what he was talking about but I got a bad feeling so I let it go and changed the subject. What’s a parachute?

ANGELA SAYS: A parachute is a sex toy; a ball stretcher - a collar worn around the scrotum. The collar can be worn with little weights attached hanging on small chains. These weights dangle with every movement. This self-torture toy is designed to pull the testicles away from the body, squeezing them at the same time. It’s not comfortable, especially sitting on a bar stool.


How far can we go with kinky food games

Dear Angela

My fiancé (31) and I (26) would like to try kinky food games. We found sex chocolate on the internet that you can spread over your body lick off. We tried it on my breasts and it was great. Now my fiancé wants to cover my genital area with it, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Isn’t sugary stuff unhealthy for your vagina?

ANGELA SAYS: Chocolate and other sweets can disturb the natural balance of the vaginal flora – the vagina has a pH of less than 4.5, meaning it’s slightly acidic. Sweets can disturb the natural balance, creating an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. So unsweetened natural joghurt, for example, would be better suitable for oral games. But from a fun perspective, chocolate is the sexier option. If you go for it, just have a quick wash afterwards.