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Love guru Dr. Angela reveals her most unusual sex questions ever (Part 1)

Dr. Angela Brokmann
Dr. Angela Brokmann

Sometimes I think that I have seen and heard it all – every possible sex question in the world. And then another letter or email arrives with an unusual question that I’ve never received before. It still happens the very odd time, even after more than 30 years as a sexologist.

Let’s have a look at five out of 10 of the most unusual questions I have come across over the last few years…

Q: I try very hard not to masturbate, but sometimes I can’t help myself and then I do it. Will it give me crooked fingers or a humped back and will it make my penis shrink?

A: No. Masturbation won’t give you crooked fingers or a humped back, and it won’t make your penis shrink - these are only myths people tell to keep their children from touching themselves. Masturbation is actually good for you as it can improve your health and wellbeing. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t masturbate if you feel like it.

Q: My girlfriend makes farting noises during sex but she swears it’s coming from her vagina. Do women break wind from there?

A: No, women can’t break wind from their vagina. But during intercourse, air can get trapped inside. When that trapped air gets suddenly released, it can sound like breaking wind. That’s probably the noise you’re hearing when you sleep with your girlfriend.

Q: I am a single woman, sexually insatiable. Can I buy a sex machine?

A: Sure. There are sex machines on the market, but not all designs impress. For example, there is one machine out there that basically consists of a dildo attached to a metal frame, similar to a work bench. Other versions are kinder on the eye, reminding of saddles or cushions, with a dildo worked by a push-rod sticking out. Have a look on the internet. Sex machines are quite dangerous toys that can cause injury so they should always be used with greatest caution.

Q: My wife wants to put me on a leash and walk me around the park in the nip. Should I play along?

A: Well, go ahead if you feel like it, but I wouldn’t do it in the nip, unless you want to call attention to yourself and invite legal trouble. If you go ahead, take turns with your wife; one day you’re the submissive part, next day your wife is wearing the collar and leash. This ensures that it stays a game, and that both players keep their self-respect and their respect for each other.

Q: I am afraid to sleep with my girlfriend for the first time – will her hymen burst with a loud bang?

A: No, the hymen is not some kind of balloon – it’s a tiny membrane at the vaginal entrance with an opening in its middle. It does not burst with an audible bang. So in that regard, you have nothing to be afraid of.