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I’m young but can’t get it up with my girlfriend

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem
Erectile dysfunction is a common problem

Dear Angela

I am only 21, but I think I’m suffering from Erectile Dysfunction already. I’ve never had intercourse yet but I tried to sleep with a girl twice and it didn’t work. The first time I was too drunk, but the second time I was sober and with my new girlfriend, who I’m mad about. I got an erection, but when I tried to enter her I lost it.

What is wrong with me, do you think it’s ED, or am I too young for that? How can I tell what’s wrong with me, and what should I do?

ANGELA SAYS: Erectile Dysfunction can affect a man at any age. In young men your age it’s mainly caused by psychological factors like stress, nervousness and anxiety. But medical reasons can be responsible as well, like diabetes or hypertension.

If you find it hard to maintain an erection when you’re masturbating you should consult your doctor straight away. If you only fail to become erect when you’re with your girlfriend, the problem is more likely caused by psychological factors.

Try to relax, choose a place where nobody can disturb you, sort out contraception beforehand. If you feel nervous, plan a night of just kissing and petting as it will take a lot of pressure off you, and IT can still happen if you feel up to it.


My dentist fantasy...

Dear Angela

A few weeks ago I went to my dentist. He’s very good looking and makes me relax. I was in the chair and he was chatting while examining my teeth. Next of all I was having a sexy daydream about him and me, making love on a sunny beach. I got so carried away I moaned. He gave me a strange look and asked if I was OK. I blushed. I’m still thinking of this episode. How can you have a sexy daydream at the dentist’s? Isn’t that weird?

ANGELA SAYS: Sexual daydreams aren’t weird, and they can occur at the strangest times and occasions. Count yourself lucky for having such an imagination that can turn a visit to your dentist into a sexual adventure. People can block out unpleasant situations by fantasising about something pleasant. There is no reason to worry about it.

My man wears control panties

Dear Angela

My new partner (47) is a cross-dresser. He told me when we first met and I (38) told him I have no problem with his fetish. What he didn’t tell me is that he likes to wear control panties, bodies and tights. But they look so stupid on him. He says they give him a nice shape, but they don’t. I love him and don’t want him to think I’m prudish or intolerant. I want him to stop wearing the silly control pants.

ANGELA SAYS: Some guys prefer control underwear as they think it makes them look better, or because they actually believe it looks real sexy.

Try to work this out with him.Buy him his own control underwear. Look on the internet - there is a wide range of control briefs, boxers, undershirts and bodies for men, and they are all especially designed to tone a man’s body.