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Dr Angela reveals Ireland's Top 10 sex problems; Part 1

When it comes to sex there is no such thing as a stupid question - and no question is too embarrassing or daring
When it comes to sex there is no such thing as a stupid question - and no question is too embarrassing or daring

Our resident sex expert Dr Angela Brokmann has heard all sorts of personal, kinky and often odd problems. Here are the most popular topics...

Over the last few years, I’ve answered thousands of sex questions, from basic enquiries about orgasms and penis size to real kinky queries about secret fantasies and fetish play.

And every time I think that I’ve surely covered it all, there is a new letter or email coming my way with a question I’ve never been asked before. 

Whatever’s on your mind, don’t be shy to ask. When it comes to sex there is no such thing as a stupid question - and no question is too embarrassing or daring.

This is Part 1 of the top ten questions I was asked this year,  covering the most common issues and problems.

Q: His penis is small - how can I keep him from slipping out?

In the missionary position with him on top, pull your knees up and cross your ankles over your man’s bum – it allows deep penetration and assures a snug fit. And with your legs wrapped around him, you can hold him in place. If you’re athletic, wrap your legs around his neck, then firmly hold onto his bum with both hands.

Q: Who should climax first?

Women find it more difficult to climax than men. So overall, it’s better if the female partner comes first – not only for her, but for him as well. After her climax, the pressure is off and he can relax and enjoy without having to worry about her orgasm. While this works best for most couples, it doesn’t work for all. Give it a try and if it doesn’t work for you go for a compromise and take turns.

Q: Is it OK to answer the phone during sex?

No – unless you’re on call for work  and HAVE to answer. These days, mobile phones literally infiltrate every part of our lives. But there are times when the phone should stay firmly off - like when you’re making love. In such intimate moments your partner deserves your alsolute full attention. 

Q: Can I burn calories during sex?

Sure, sex can help you to burn calories, especially if you combine sex with physical exercise. Play an active part in your lovemaking, and try daring positions like this: let your body form an arch, with only your feet, shoulders and arms touching the ground while the man kneels between your knees, with his hands on your hips. Have a look
at the Kama Sutra for other sporty, calorie-burning positions. 

Q: I like men and women and can’t make up my mind. Am I straight or gay?

Straight or gay are actually not the only options – if you feel attracted to both guys and girls you could also be bisexual. Many people feel sexually attracted to somebody of their own gender at some stage in their life, and many of these folks would call themselves straight, while others would say they’re gay or bisexual. The process of finding your own personal sexual orientation can take years, and there is no need to rush things along. Have your experiences, keep an open mind and accept your sexual orientation, whatever it turns out to be.