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Dear Angela: Help, my sex doll has a puncture

Dear Angela: Help, my sex doll has a puncture

Our expert answers all your sex questions, starting this week with a sex doll that has sprung a leak.

Dear Angela, 

A couple of years ago I (45) brought a sex doll home from a weekend away in Berlin. I love this doll – it’s like a companion to me. 

I sleep with her 4-5 times a week, and until recently my doll was still in good shape. But then my cat got her claws in; now the doll has a couple of punctures. I taped them but that didn’t help much, the doll goes all limp. Is there anywhere I could get my doll repaired? 

ANGELA SAYS: I can’t think of any place that repairs sex dolls. Your best option here is DIY – just get a repair kit. 

I’ve seen repair kits for sex dolls and other inflatable toys on the internet. You might also get lucky in an adult shop, although I’d say the internet is your best bet.

Dear Angela, 

I (28) have heard that some girls can make love to a man with their clitoris. To find out how that works I got myself some porn. In one of the DVDs I saw a woman with a clitoris so big that she could put it in her partner’s belly button.

Do you think the DVD was a fake, or some kind of trick? Or are some women really built like that? Could a normal woman like my girlfriend make love to 
my belly button?

ANGELA SAYS: Clitorises differ in size, the same as penises. And a clitoris can swell and get bigger with sexual arousal – so it’s well possible that what you saw was real. 

A girl doesn’t need a huge clitoris to play the belly button game. To try this with your girlfriend, stimulate her clitoris beforehand.

Dear Angela, 

A while ago I (50) started chatting with men on the internet and one of guys I’m talking to is really interesting. He lives by the sea and he keeps fit swimming every day. 

The other night we had our first chat about sex, that’s when he mentioned he’s into golden showers and other water sports. Does it have anything to do with sex in the sea?

ANGELA SAYS: Basically, the terms golden showers and water sports refer to sexual activities that involve urination. If your chat guy mentioned it in your very first sex chat he might be into this in a serious way – check this out before you agree to meet him.