August 22nd, 2017

Dr Angela

Dr Angela says..tell her to turn off the phone!

Dear Angela, My girlfriend is on her phone, even when we have sex

Wife turned down idea of making love in the shower

Wife needs to raise her game

Don't check his phone, says Dr Angela.

SexTalk: Partner is exposed in love rat letters

SexTalk: Partner is exposed in love rat letters

Fetish parties are not for everyone

Ironing out kinks at party

Dear Angela: When my husband and I sleep together it’s always the same

For the last couple of weeks now my wife has made things really complicated by refusing to sleep with me.

Dear Angela: 'I'm fighting a losing battle with sex ban'

Boyfriend likes to get 'hands on'

My boyfriend is too ‘hands on’

I've tried, but he watches my face - and I don't like it

Pic posed by models.

Dear Angela, For the last five months I have been cheating on my wife

Wife won't understand nappy fetish

Wife won’t pamper me in bed

Be careful outdoors

I’m ready to explore the great outdoors

Couple tempted to try sex during daylight