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Today's horoscope 8th June

Today's horoscope 8th June

Aries: Do remember that life has a funny way of turning things around.

What you expect, may come about in quite a different way, especially on the back of recent events. Make a wish and enjoy its outcome. Be open to new possibilities. Even the challenges at this time have an inherent gift concealed within. Lighten up re) love and keep things on the right track. It is all up to you. Spark up and negativity will disperse.

Taurus: Keep loaded emotional issues under wraps. For over exposure at this point will do you no favours.  Expect good progress and a speedy run of events. Do not fiddle. There is absolutely no need. Leave things with their natural flow, for there is no need to tamper with possible outcomes. Trust that God will provide; you can only do your bit after all. Be on the ball in a competitive situation.

Gemini: Simply try to understand the agendas of others. Build bridges and find the peace of mind you deserve. Let harmony reign supreme, even as you use your charm to make a noise. Keep communication clear. There will be no persuading someone. Stand up for your principles. Keep your ear to the ground and your enthusiasm buoyant. You may be half-hearted, if not lazy in the run up to a turnaround.

Cancer:  Do try to show willing when it counts. Guard your secrets carefully. If you have a treasured dream, do keep it to yourself. Communication is complex, but worthwhile. Be brave enough to tackle a pressing concern. Pace yourself: you may indeed have bucket loads of energy. But you need to save some for later. Do your own thing, especially if you have been under pressure to come up with the goods.

Leo: Practical stuff has to be completed. So do not shirk your duties. Simply get the balance right and every one will be pleased at the outcome. The recent breakthrough is the shape of things to come. Dreams will land in spectacular ways.  General trends are good. You are approaching the end of a long drawn-out phase. Let go of what holds you down. But do not walk back into something that did you no favours. Times change.

Virgo: People have the habit of remaining very much the same. Be willing and able to accommodate those in your closest relationships. Express your feelings gently, even though it may feel like a case of it is now or never. Follow your heart, but leave your mind time to catch up. The planetary alignments urge you to let go of what is done and dusted.  Face up to what is passed its sell-by date. For now; and grab what is on offer.

Libra: Last week’s powerful events will ultimately serve you well indeed. There is a chance for renewal, forgiveness and the opportunity to move onwards and upwards. Use your charm to grand effect. Now is the time to take things further. Follow your heart and trust your intuition. Romance is well-favoured. Dare to bare your soul, and whatever else comes to mind. Use this time to get organized. Let go of what is no longer useful.

Scorpio: Stay happy, even though recent events may have been challenging. This is the time to ‘wish upon a star’ and expect some kind of definite result. Patience and perseverance will be duly rewarded. So, continue to shine brightly.  Identify those who will never let you down, and honour them accordingly. What is the use of dreaming when you already have everything at your fingertips?  Of course there IS more to come.

Sagittarius: Cheer yourself up with meaningful connections. Get out and about; throw your arms around the world. You need to make an effort to lift your spirits; the doldrums do not suit you. Professionally you can make great strides. But it is important not to get stressed. Do not rely on others to get the job done. Love should not feel like hard work; so address an issue. It is about time for some straight talking. Put the bad things right.

Capricorn: You will attract many admiring glances. Look lively and get into the swing of things. Spot your moment in a romantic situation. But be vigilant amidst a string of mixed messages. Stay upbeat and optimistic if you are on the look out for Love. Work out what exactly you are looking for. Make the most of every given opportunity with your loved one. Your sensitive qualities are on show. Speak freely from the heart.

Aquarius: You will be sorry if you miss a genuine chance to connect. It is not the time to be backwards about coming forwards that is for sure. You have everything to play for, and nothing to lose. Do therefore optimize your impact on the world and follow a long-standing dream. Be sure to be where the action is.You have the ability to charm the birds off the trees; so use your magnetism wisely. Prepare for things to accelerate.

Pisces:  The more you put in at this stage, the greater your return will be. Get groovy and romantic when it counts. There is no point standing on ceremony, when a bit of nifty manoeuvring will get you everywhere. Ditch the polite tactic, and prepare to make your moves. Then at least you will inspire respect.  But most importantly, you will achieve something worthwhile. You can afford to push it, for once!  What do you wish to gain from this situation?