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Psychic Sarah: What this summer holds for you...

Make the most of this amazing Mars activity
Make the most of this amazing Mars activity

Your destiny is in your own hands but you can make the most of this amazing Mars activity

 It is time to embrace and experience renewed zest for life. Mars action heats up as we head into a long hot summer. We can look forward to progress, passion and boosted power. Finally Mars has moved forward in Libra and the brakes are off. Throughout Lent we were up against Saturn, Pluto and Mars retrograde, which meant a lot of us were stuck in a rut with no apparent way out. Mars moving forward again unleashes action and resolution.

With Mars no longer suppressed, things will balance out now and decisions can now be made in confidence. Mars moving forward in Libra enables us to deal effectively with what comes up. This planet supports us as we think on our feet. The upside is oodles of energy and renewed inspiration to get things done. The downside is that it may also stir up temper flares, a fierce unbending will and mad flashes of passion. It is important to treat this time with a healthy respect and make the best use of this magical Mars energy.



Be mindful and aware of power struggles and conflicts. It is time to smooth out the rough stuff, especially in your personal relationships. Your recent struggles may well have been complex. But it is now time to leave behind the drama and put things into perspective. Prepare to rebond with the right person and access your mutual purpose. Get onto the same page and this summer can be productive and fruitful. As things restructure in good ways, it is time to embrace change fully.



Mars action can now help you rearrange how you expend your energies in your daily life. Look at the best way to apply yourself to the matter in hand. Find practical ways to proceed. You would be well advised to use discrimination and make cute choices. Lethargy, and exhaustion should now subside. You will find a new rhythm to your life, making you more realistic, reliable and strengthened. Cultivate further patience as the dust settles. Seeds sewn in the past will begin to yield a natural result. You do not have to force issues. Let life flow



Access the hidden treasures within. You can be deeply mysterious when you want to be. It is now time to nurture the inner you and grow your personal creativity and passion. Your self-expression needs to be honoured and you must speak up when you get the chance. Tap into your desires, dreams and visions and find the confidence within which will allow it all to happen. Life unfolds with ease, as you simply allow your true self to shine forth. Frustrations can now be ditched. A new positive you emerges and gets things done.



Pay special attention to your home life – it is where you thrive and survive. Your roots are never more important. Tune into your foundations in life and ground your energies into what matters. It is important to have a true idea of who and what is worthy of your attention. What sustains and nurtures your spirit and soul? Where, what or whom represents your security? It is now time to reword what has not yet been said. Be brave enough to address the truth and lay ghosts from the past to rest. Your choices and actions count.



It is time to prepare for the unexpected. No-one can be fully relied upon at this time, and you must build your independence and personal security. Things will start to be resolved as you re-emerge from a time of introspection. You will need to take very definite measures to impose your will on things. Your patience for any further nonsense has run out, which is a good thing. It is time to insist on your own terms in relationships. Both personally and professionally, you need better boundaries. Be reasonable and do not give in to anger or pressure.



Sometimes no action is the best action. You have things so well set up in many ways, that to force the point now would be most detrimental. Make no definite moves until you are really sure on everything. Life will make the decisions for you. But this is not to be resisted. It will pay to be measured and conservative with your resources until the time is ripe. Timing is everything and soon it will all become clear. Just hold what you value and what you hold dear. It is as simple (and as difficult) as that.



It is time to set new yourself standards. Where do your thoughts go and on what do you expend your energy? You deserve the best, and need to give yourself the priority and treatment you wish for from others. Steer clear of those who dampen your ardour and your spirits. Embrace every new day as the amazing opportunity it is. You can not live off the past any longer and need to prepare for quite a different direction going forward. You have weathered huge disappointment. But it is time now to access the good stuff.



You may well have felt that everything came to a grinding halt a while back. Do access a potent way forward. It is important to take up the opportunities which now arise. Lose frustrations and leave the past behind once and for all. There will be a small window of opportunity soon and it is important not to miss this. Make amends in your personal life and do not be too proud. Someone may well declare a feeling. How are you going to respond?



There will be steps up that make themselves apparent soon. Success is yours to embrace as you access the new realities available to you. Ponder your position in the world and review how the world sees you. It is not possible to control much in your life at the moment. Be philosophical and have appreciation of where you have got to,  and how. You are your own authority and in a way you only have to answer to yourself and live with yourself. Allow yourself some freedom and forgive yourself the past.



It is time for a life review. Many of the energies of the past now can fall away. Your natural caution holds you up. But it is a good idea to embrace what comes at you now. Say yes and think about it later is probably the way to go. You will find that your energy is renewed as the past falls away. If you are floundering for a direction, concentrate on the practical stuff for the moment. Be as adaptable as you possibly can be. Love will find a way. You will be fully justified with your recent decisions very soon.



Try to stop controlling everything for five minutes. Life is not always as neat as your pragmatic self would like to think. Be assertive but not bloody-minded. It is important to be clear with your heart and not to compartmentalise your emotions. This just confuses people in your life. For everyone’s sake, you need to make a concrete decision. You do not intentionally trifle with others’ dreams and wishes. But it sure is time to get yourself out of hot water. Clarify and rectify your situation.



Give your heart, body and soul fully to what is unfolding. You have many opportunities and special moments to come. It is important to respect others’ boundaries. Do not assume you are in the right at all times. It pays to be flexible. Be commanding with your decisions and you will find that everything pans out just fine. You are driven to experience deep emotional intimacy and you do not deserve to be short-changed in your love life. Prepare to finally receive as you have previously given. Life owes you a break at this point. Access inner peace and be receptive.