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Russell Grant's Pet Horoscopes, Part 2

What's in store for your little fur balls
What's in store for your little fur balls

The world famous astrologer lets you know what's in store for your little fur balls.


When a mood get too serious, who better than you to inject a light and lively energy. Be careful as you try to sense out each situation; there are times when your brand of interaction might be looked on with a raised eyebrow. Certain visitors who come to your home with a specific purpose in mind might find your intrusions distracting, or even annoying. Generally speaking, though, your ability to cheer up your housemates is a lovely thing.


It’s impossible to please every¬one even when you’re behaving in what you consider to be a perfect manner. Each person has their own standards and some hold the bar higher than others; as someone  once said, you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people  all of the time, so  stop trying. Are  you after words of praise for being perfect or might it be more pleasant to relax a bit and enjoy life? 


Balking over what’s for dinner will get you into trouble if you’re not careful; must you immediately show your claws if the meal isn’t to your liking, can you be diplomatic? If you turn your nose up or act up with too much energy, you’re liable to put yourself in line for a good scolding. If poor choices made at the grocers end up on your plate, shrug it off and laugh a little; on second thought, laugh a lot, it’s good for you.


Take note at the middle of this week for a shift which creates a sense of edgy energy. This is nothing to get upset about; it’s just a signal you need to go deeper to help your housemate find a solution to a problem that’s bothered both of you. Put all illusions aside and get to the real meat and bones of the issue; that’s the only way to  go! Comforts and luxuries you’ve dreamed about can be had, but not until you settle this old business.


You can have a pleasant time now with an elegant friend who likes to go places and see things; since you’re generally up for something new the two of you make compatible companions. Both of you like lovely environments, so the cultural opportunities you pursue together will provide an enriching change of scene! Encourage your housemate to plan future excursions of this type as they provide a type of vacation without taking up too much time or necessitating the making of major reservations.


While you stretch and yawn almost in slow motion, your human friends have begun to move in high gear. They are planning a new look around and about the house so some of your favourite spots could disappear in the garden and a cosy corner or comfy chair you always called your own could suddenly be off limits.