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Russell Grant's Pet Horoscopes, Part 1

Russell Grant's Pet Horoscopes, Part 1

The world famous astrologer lets you know what's in store for your little fur balls.


If only you would follow house rules and contribute more to helping your humans! Though this may not sound like much fun, it keeps you in your companion’s good graces. There are things to be done and if you do your share you’ll find yourself in a more comfortable zone later in the week. To tame your rebellious feelings kick up your exercise program; running around in permitted areas for stretches of time benefits you in more ways than 
you now realise.


As a staunch independent being part of a team is not usually your forte, but this week you could find yourself in the mood to form a partnership. It’s a bit hard to explain, but you’re driven by a need for companionship and a desire to get feedback from another creature regarding things that are going on in your home. You could possibly be drawn to interact with people or pets you don’t know for the purpose of finding out what they’re all about.


How disconcerting to be unexpectedly slighted, especially when you felt you were loved by all and are now sitting on the sidelines. Take it as the normal cycle of change and enjoy the breathing space this shift in attention offers you. With the two sides of your nature you’re armed to adapt to new cir-cumstances as well as any pet could. Belief in how special you are keeps you fortified while you wait for your humans to come along with a treat for you!



My goodness, you want so many things, it’s hard to keep the list up to date! It would do well to remember possessions don’t lead to happiness; if you focus too much attention on your wants, you start to obsess and then you can’t enjoy all the blessings you already have. Why don’t you and your housemate create a simpler way of living; look around, locate all the items neither of you use or need any longer and do a major discard or give away.


No matter what your size, a number of insecurities may plague you this week as you re¬alise having confidence is more than a matter of your physical proportions. Confidence comes from within. Enough rest along with encouraging words from your companion help you get through this challenging period Dreams you have near week’s end could very well awaken you, so take some time to reflect on their messages and meanings. Your housemate will then see you walking around with an attitude of renewed  assurance.


The happy news is your human friends have ordered you some¬thing special; the bad news is it may not be something you entirely like. This unfortunate circumstance will resolve itself later this month, so accept things with a show of good humour. Your inclination to rebel isn’t crazy, but it won’t win you any friends. One of your close companions may be acting a bit scatterbrained at the  moment, but you can relate to this condition and respond with plenty of hugs and kisses.