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Psychic's guide to your finances in 2017

Psychic's guide to your finances in 2017

Ways to expand your good fortune and prosperity in the year ahead

ARIES PROSPERITY: Caution is the order of the day with your finances for 2017.

Of course, surprises and windfalls can land at any time, but overall it is better not to expect too much.

Watch out for others taking advantage of you.

It is important to look after your own corner.

Keep your resources for you, and certainly do not hand out loans.

Your spirit is generous.

But stupidity is not your middle name.

LUCK: You make your own luck this year.

Spot your moments.

You may indeed have a chance for a lucky flutter or a win, but it would be unanticipated and not actively sought after.

Okay, you gotta be in it to win it; just do not make the hope of random winning your focus.

Your practical goals and previous input will repay you in kind soon enough.

Be rational. Luck will find you regardless


TAURUS PROSPERITY: Saturn has been making you feel insecure about finances for some time.

Do not let your insecurities have such an effect.

Your partnerships and shared resources may have been suffering through too much caution.

Perhaps now is the time for an intelligent risk or two.

You essentially have the Midas touch.

Do not let negativity of thought, word or deed make such a lasting impression.

 LUCK: Energies will free up for you financially when you pay debts and settle those bills.

Oddly, if you can freely spend on what you are committed to, your luck will change.

The universe loves a vacuum and will inevitably fill it.

 Lose your fears about destitution and that poverty consciousness.

 You are provided for.


GEMINI PROSPERITY: You should look after your own finances this year and not consider extra partnerships or commitments, unless they really are too good to be true.

This is not a year to beg, steal, or borrow.

When is it ever? Seriously, some common sense will serve you very well.

A loan will be tempting, but do think twice. Keep taxes up to date and do not get caught out.

Attention to detail is key.

LUCK: 2017 is not a year to take a gamble.

Random luck is not really working for you just now.

Keep things under tight constraints.

You do not need to be afraid, because you will have all that you need.

 But it is important not to be greedy.

Your time will come, and your luck will turn.

Build for the future, with insurance, pension plans and security for the long term


CANCER PROSPERITY: You are the key to your own prosperity this year.

Be canny and wise and spot a deal when you see one.

Your natural intuition should help you a lot.

Trust those instincts and make sure you follow through.

Universal promptings and energetic impulses will steer you.

You absolutely can trust what is happening and how you are being guided.

Use your creativity and tune into your vision for the future

LUCK: You will be handed much on a plate this year.

 Do not take your good luck for granted, though.

It can just as easily be taken away.

You are on a roll and things are flowing.

 If you appreciate all that is coming your way, then your blessings will multiply.

Invest wisely to maximise your returns.

Common sense will pay off.


LEO PROSPERITY: Sumptuous surroundings and general fabulousness are important to you.

You do not do too well on a shoestring.

The good news is that you rarely have to suffer with a lack of anything.

Part of your life karma seems to be that you are always provided for.

2017 brings you many good things and boosts your natural prosperity.

You are all set to flourish.

Family support and input can play a part.

LUCK: Jupiter is working for you during 2017 and you may well be surprised at what lands at your feet.

Watch for unusual encounters and opportunities.

Be inspired. You are full of ideas and can expand your luck when you push in directions that make sense.

Be confident in your abilities and in your valuable contribution.


VIRGO PROSPERITY: 2017 looks like a very profitable year for you.

You need to watch that the books balance, though.

Keep extravagance and unnecessary spending in check.

 If you do have extra cash, why not invest and save rather than spend.

You do trust the universe and know that your needs will be met.

This can lead to spending when you have money.

Boost your personal power by starting to hold on to some of your prosperity.

Money can be a magnet, even as it also has to flow

LUCK: Your luck is in, particularly between now and October.

Make the most of this stretch as it will not last forever.

Energies are serving you well, and you may indeed win randomly, or be gifted quite substantial sums. Abundance is yours and you will feel very blessed.

These are the rewards for tests passed and karmas balanced.

 Really you do not have to make much effort.

The operative word is ‘increase’ and you would do well to facilitate this.


LIBRA PROSPERITY: You can be a magnet for your own prosperity this year.

Turn yourself out well and people will be very well disposed towards you.

If you exude positivity, you will magnetise many good things towards you.

Jupiter serves you well, and enhances your aura and the impression you make.

After October the emphasis is on finances.

LUCK: Money and self-esteem go handin- hand this year.

Your self-worth reflects in your bank balance.

Luck will find you quickly as long as you project good vibes.

Your talent and demeanour brings luck.

The emphasis is on making your own luck.

The energies do not so much support random wins, though if you do not buy that lottery ticket you have no chance.


SCORPIO PROSPERITY: Saturn is in your money sector, so the emphasis has to be on budgeting and making your resources work. Look at all that you have at your disposal, and work out a game plan.

Sensible investing and looking at practical ways to grow your money makes sense.

Do not spend money in a bid to impress.

Now is not the time to flash your cash.

You have to make sure you have enough to honour commitments.

LUCK: Saturn will help you with discipline and will enable you to make all the resources at your disposal work for you.

Make long-term adjustments to boost your luck and financial flow.

Your luck will be where people support you, loan to you, give you time to sort things, and allow you time to repay.

 Luck can manifest in many ways.

Do not feel you are being short-changed.

This will all work out well.


SAGITTARIUS PROSPERITY: What you value is really up for grabs this year.

You may well be tested on what really counts in your life.

Some say your health is your wealth and this is very true.

 Access a spiritual approach to the material and you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Your deeper faith will be shown to be a strong provider.

More so than logic or fastidious planning.

LUCK: Where are you on the wheel of fortune? You may feel you are on a downturn.

But the good news is the only way is up.

Money matters will reverse and your fortunes will too.

If things have been rather good in the last while, be a bit cautious.

Guard your assets if this is the case.

There will be no half measures where you are concerned.

It is one or the other.


CAPRICORN PROSPERITY: Your networking and friendship circles hold the key to your enrichment this year.

Grab all offers and deals that bond you with people and allow for some excellent team work.

2017 brings much growth and prosperity.

Make the most of business contacts and do not be afraid to ask for introductions. If you do not ask, you do not get.

Let your increased confidence increase your prosperity.

Be dynamic.

LUCK: Make three wishes as the year kicks off.

Your luck is there to be enhanced.

You have everything going for you.

Other people represent your luck this year.

Watch for productive interactions and build on your luck with others.

Mixing business with pleasure reaps dividends this year.

 If you look after others in need, this will also enhance your karma and your luck.

Watch for motivations.


AQUARIUS PROSPERITY: Be vigilant about your expenses and watch out for the things which drain resources.

You may have unexpected payments, so do hold on to any reserves.

This is a time to err on the side of caution. Technology may cost you money, but it can also make you money.

Watch for ways to boost income and consider unusual offers.

LUCK: Your luck is linked to your creativity and talent.

You can find unusual ways to make money from your unique skills. Embrace all such opportunities.

Your unique traits are bankable.

Hold on to your resources where you can.

Anything that leaks your energy is unlucky.

Hold on to your integrity and resources to magnetise more.


PISCES PROSPERITY: It is quite possible you will be the recipient of one or more lump sums this year.

Money may indeed be thrown at you from unexpected sources.

It may be you are required to manage this money for someone else, but you are all set to benefit regardless.

Say yes to what comes at you, as there will doubtless be a reason for it. You are all set to profit nicely during 2017

LUCK: Your luck may be boosted in shared resources.

Look for ways to invest with others to boost mutual luck. Now is the time to ask for a pay rise, and negotiate some deals.

If you have gone overboard with spending you will need to tighten the belt for a while.

This is why it may make sense to join forces for momentum. A bank may support you, a parent, a business deal, a friend.

Anything can happen.