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Young Brits anxious about money and living situation

Young Brits anxious about money and living situation

More young female Brits are suffering from anxiety about the future and financial pressure than ever before, a new poll has found.

The Young Women’s Trust warns that low salaries and unemployment in Britain is causing ‘suspended adulthood’, as young people find themselves having to move in with their parents and put off starting a family. According to the study of 4,000 people, titled No Country for Young Women, 51 per cent of 18 to 30 year olds fear the years ahead, while 47 per cent lack self confidence and 42 per cent feel worn down.

It was also found that women are affected more, with 54 per cent reporting low self-confidence compared to 39 per cent of men. Furthermore, 38 per cent of women said they worried about their mental health compared to 29 per cent of young men.

As for living situations, 43 per cent reported still living at home, while 56 per cent admitted they would move abroad for work.

Young Women’s Trust feel the nation has a “generation of people in crisis”, calling upon the government to help change the situation by creating a minister to look over youth policy.

“Make no mistake about it, we’re talking about a generation of young people in crisis. And while life is hard for many young people, our survey shows it’s likely to be considerably tougher if you are a young woman,” Dr Carole Easton, the chief executive of Young Women’s Trust, said.

“It’s not in any of our interests to write off an entire generation. Much more needs to be done to improve young people’s prospects, including through creating a minister for young people, extending the National Living Wage to under 25s, delivering on government commitments to improve housing options for young people and tackling workplace discrimination.”

The organisation looks out for women aged between 16 and 30 who are struggling to live in low or no pay at all jobs in England and Wales.

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