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Women would rather read cookbooks than bonkbusters

Women would rather read cookbooks than bonkbusters

There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a good book, and new research has now found exactly what women like when it comes to their reading choice – and results may surprise you.

While E.L. James’ bonkbuster Fifty Shades of Grey may have set pulses racing when it was released in 2012, it seems the lusty read has fizzled out somewhat, and ladies actually prefer sitting down to Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals.

In a study devised by consultant behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, it was found that erotica books scored lowest when it came to the most enjoyable genre, with 50 Shades garnering a score of 52 per cent, while chef Jamie’s offering received 55 per cent.

Romantic suspense novels were crowned king of books, with a total of 83 per cent.

Jo came to her results by recruiting 50 participants, with an average age of 35, who had to read extracts from various books. Thrillers, sci-fi and non-fiction were among the other genres analysed.

“This experiment finally answers the long-debated question about whether to trust your heart or your head, with heart prevailing when choosing the perfect summer read,” she shared.

“By looking at the difference between conscious enjoyment and sub-conscious enjoyment we have identified ‘romantic suspense’ as the most enjoyable type of literature, keeping readers interested and immersed with elements of surprise, whilst softening any lasting feelings of anxiety with moments of passion and romance.”

For the research, Jo measured participants' blink rate, fidgeting, sitting position, facial expression and pulse. They also had to answer questions about their emotional reaction to the material.

Second to romantic suspense was thrillers with 74 per cent and then sci-fi and fantasy with 60 per cent. Non-fiction and erotica rounded out the poll.

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