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Women want more sex in the bedroom

Women want more sex in the bedroom

As far as heterosexual bedroom clichés go, the one where the man wants more sex than the woman has to be the most common. How many times have you watched a movie or TV show where the bloke rolls over to try it on but his partner waves him away with excuses of a headache?

Well, a new study by fertility app Kindara suggests it might be time to put that one to bed (no pun intended!). In a survey of 500 women, more than half (53.2 per cent to be exact) claimed they weren’t having as much sex as they’d like.

Almost three quarters added that they’d prefer to get frisky more than three times a week, with 13 per cent voting for more than six steamy sessions per week.

There’s also that rumour that men get more out of sex and women find it hard to achieve orgasm. However, 72.6 per cent of the women quizzed said they reached climax every time, with ten per cent even enjoying multiple orgasms.

It contrasts hugely with a survey back in 1994 that found only 29 per cent of women enjoyed regular orgasms.

“Our findings indicate that in the 20 years since that study was conducted, more women are achieving orgasm during each sexual encounter,” Haley Thomas for Kindara said according to Mail Online.

“This positive change could indicate more equality in giving and receiving pleasure beneath the sheets.”

And what gets women most in the mood? According to the survey, 53.2 per cent voted an emotional connection the most important factor. Foreplay came second with 23.6 per cent, followed by communication with 10.4 per cent.

But of course it’s not all fun and games in the bedroom. 82 per cent of women said there were factors that negatively affected their sex lives, the main offender being stress. Self-image issues and having young children could also put a dampener on things.

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