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Wear colourful clothes to stand out on Tinder

Wear colourful clothes to stand out on Tinder

If you've jumped on the Tinder bandwagon, you may want to think twice about the clothes you're wearing in your photos. An analysis released by the app to website Mashable found that many of its users were uploading pictures with outfits that don't make them stand out, triggering a rejecting swipe to the left.

Researchers look at 12,000 profile photos of users between the ages of 18 and 40 in Atlanta, New York City and Los Angeles. According to the findings, 72 per cent of men and 56.2 per cent of woman on Tinder opt for neutral, basic garments, with black the most common shade followed by white, blue and grey.

Sociologist Dr. Jessica Carbino notes that both genders play it safe. "Clothing is an important way for individuals to provide signals to prospective matches," she told Mashable. "A large segment of both male and female users wear clothing that signals a clear indication of masculinity or femininity."

This means that the users dressed to reflect their gender, with 32.8 per cent of males wearing button down shirts whereas not a single female wore such a piece, mostly choosing dresses instead.

So, how to stand out from the crowd of neutral, cliché users?

"Given that the vast majority of users are wearing neutral colours, individuals who want to make a splash should wear a vibrant colour," experts from the app advise

It was also noted that profile pictures were used to reflect their social status, as Tinder found that 22 per cent of its male users wear a suit in at least one of their snaps.

"A profile photo provides an important glimpse into an individual's personality," Dr. Carbino added. "Individuals are choosing to signal certain elements of their personality through their clothing choices, such as a decision to wear shorts and a T-shirt versus a suit and tie. While the type of clothing an individual wears is not directly associated with being liked or not, clothing is one factor in creating the portrait of who a person is."

But you must also be careful when using such dating services, as recent figures found that crimes in the UK linked to apps such as Tinder and Grindr have increased by 700 per cent in the last two years. This included attempted murder, rape and child sex grooming.

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