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Vogue Williams opens up about her adult acne problem

Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams has revealed that a bout of adult acne that struck last year hit her confidence and at times left her feeling 'disgusting'.

The model and TV personality told the Sunday World in her exclusive column that a number of factors contributed to the flare up of the illness last year and after being being contacted by a number of people suffering with adult acne she decided to speak openly about it today.

She reveals that stress and a contraceptive bar was 'disastrous' for her skin and that she would break out in huge spots on her face.

Vogue writes that she felt very self conscious and became embarrassed if she left the house without make-up and that at times the condition of her skin made her feel 'disgusting'.

However, after a series of treatments here and in London, plus the use of an antibiotic called Lymecycline, the Sunday World columnist says the problem has cleared up.

She adds: "Anyone with acne should visit a god skin clinic and take all of their advice."