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Two in three workers blame sick colleagues for illness

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Two in three workers blame sick colleagues for illness

There’s nothing worse than sitting next to a snivelling, coughing colleague and just knowing you’ll soon get ill too. And in fact a new poll has shown that two out of three full-time workers blame being ill over the past 12 months on a sick co-worker who chose not to stay home.

The annual Fisherman's Friend Cold and Flu survey noticed a big rise in these numbers from its 2015 study, which showed one in six blamed colleagues for their ailments, including coughs, colds and stomach bugs.

Researchers say that a growing number of workers are struggling into the office when feeling under the weather because of job fears, so it’s no surprise that in the poll it was found three quarters of British people confessed to going to work when they should take time off.

“Making up the second part of our annual Cold and Flu Survey, our new findings come hot on the heels of data showing that concerns over job security and not wanting to let colleagues down are making workers struggle on even when ill,” Fisherman's Friend spokesman Rob Metcalfe said.

“It's logical, therefore, that we have also found a striking increase in workers attributing the spread of coughs and colds to each other.

“However, if we are determined to battle on regardless through bouts of cold and flu then it's important people manage their symptoms effectively to avoid spreading illnesses further.”

Other findings from the survey show that women blame ill colleagues for becoming sick themselves more than men, and workers in the environmental and agricultural sector were most likely to blame unwell colleagues while those in media were least likely.

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