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Top three foods to boost skin in winter

Top three foods to boost skin in winter

Winter can cause plenty of problems for your body and with your skin being on the receiving end of the cold air first, you should make sure you take care of it! As well as ensuring you moisturise regularly, you can tackle problems with what you eat. Here are some food suggestions to keep your complexion glowing throughout the chilly months.


Kale is crammed with nutrients and it’s the vitamin A that helps combat dry and flaky skin. The vitamin K is also a great perk, as it activates proteins to stop blood clotting and the easier the blood flows through the body, the fresher and healthier your appearance. Steam before eating or add it to a blender with your morning smoothie to get the best out of it, as boiling dark greens results in them losing their vital benefits in the water.


The flesh of this seafood boast zinc, which reduces oil production and acne. Your skin may be more prone to becoming oily from central heating in the winter, so by tucking into something like crab every now and then, you can wave goodbye to the chances of a greasy forehead.

Other fish like salmon, tuna and trout are, as we know, full of omega-3 and these help your skin lock in moisture.


The humble egg is rich in sulphur, which repairs skin from the inside to give a bright facade. Thanks to boosted tissue and elasticity your face won't be hit as hard by the cold air and any damage done will quickly be reversed. Garlic is another sulphur-filled food; we're thinking a garlicy omelette may be on tonight's menu!

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