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Top picnic picks

Top picnic picks

The traditional picnic foods are hardly things you'll find Gwyneth Paltrow touting on Goop - scotch eggs, cocktail sausages and potato salad are all loaded with fat and calories, so are great for ruining diets. But with a few simple switches, your al fresco dinner could go from high-fat to healthy with minimal effort. We bring you the easiest ways to create a perfect picnic even Gwynnie would be proud of.

Switch up your salads

Most shop-bought potato and pasta salads are full of mayo, so avoid at all costs! It's not hard to throw one together yourself and that way you'll know exactly what's gone into it. How about a tasty Greek version with fresh veg and feta cheese or a no-mayo version of pasta salad with wholewheat pasta and a low-fat dressing?

Ditch the dips

It doesn't matter how healthy those carrot sticks are: if you're dunking them in high-calorie dips, it's all going to pot. Instead enjoy them alone or make your own dips, cutting down on the salt and mayo. You can make your own guacamole for example by blending two avocados with tomatoes, lime juice and red onion - simple.

Be sweet savvy

It's fine to allow yourself something sweet at a picnic - it's a treat, after all! But there are ways to satisfy your cravings without loading up on calories. Exercise portion control by packing just a few slices of cake/brownie rather than taking the whole thing. Or if you want to ditch the naughty things altogether, make a fruit salad and add a dollop of Greek yoghurt - high in protein and deliciously sweet, but with lots of vitamins.

Lay off the lemonade

A refreshing glass of lemonade might sound like just the thing for a summer's day, but the fizzy drink is full of sugar. Instead, switch it up for carbonated sugar-free water with flavouring. Most supermarkets have a lime/lemon version which is just as tasty and almost calorie-free. You're welcome!

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