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Tone up your arms

Tone up your arms

We all want to feel confident in our summer clothes and many of us work hard for months in advance to look good for when the warmer weather arrives. But it isn't easy to tone up all round, with arms often an area which people struggle to get into better shape.

For those of you who relate, Pop Sugar has rounded up some advice on how to lose arm fat which you may not have known about before now.

When it comes to weights you want to go for some that you can lift without it being effortless and can feel a slight burn. However, to really see results, try picking up slightly heavier options a couple of times a week. Celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen explains this "shocks" your body, and helps build lean muscle and definition. To know your limits, she suggests if you lift three or five pound weights, go for 10, 12 or 15 point dumbbells every now and then to keep your muscles guessing and growing. If you experience pain, don't continue - it's not worth it!

What moves you do plays a big part too as not all are going to benefit your journey to losing arm fat. You don't always need weights, as simple methods like air punching with alternate arms and moving both arms backwards in a circular motion helping tighten things up. Don't forget the humble push up too, which strengthens both your upper arms and core. Just make sure your posture is correct; feet together with toes pointed down, hands shoulder-width apart and flat hips and back, as the length of your body runs parallel to the ground.

Diet contributes to this process too, so it's best to eat accordingly! As often recommended, cut out processed foods and stick to fresh ingredients that are packed full of nutrients and full on flavours for all meals. This will contribute to your overall weight loss and leave you with more energy to exercise. Protein packed snacks and meals will keep you going as well so you can work out to your heart's content with the only burn you feel being the growth of muscle.

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