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Take control of your PMS

Take control of your PMS

Men may see it as an excuse when women put their mood swings and disinterest in sex down to premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but it's actually a real problem. Psychological, physical and behavioural symptoms occur, from breast pain to irritability, in the two weeks leading up to a period.

To keep these at bay, we share some healthy ways to deal with the side effects, as recommended by Your Fitness magazine.

Cut out caffeine and sugar

A cup of coffee in the morning with your heaped spoonful of sugar is acceptable, but don't overdo it during the day. What you eat and drink plays a big part in your PMS symptoms and if your blood-sugar levels are high, they’ll be more severe. However you should try and eat regularly, snacking every three hours if possible. This will keep levels stable and prevent the release of stress hormones that only add to the discomfort at this time.

Crank up the vitamins and minerals

Supplements are a great way to get everything you need to balance your body out and with certain nutrients, PMS symptoms can really be eased. Magnesium is a top one, as is vitamin B6, as both contribute to keeping behavioural traits under control.

The first reduces anxiety as it's deemed a "natural tranquiliser", while vitamin B6 helps boost the production of dopamine and serotonin, the 'happy' hormone.

Zinc is important too and helps get your sex hormones working - say hello to your libido!

Take it easy

Most importantly, you should allow yourself some time to chill out. Meditation is a good way to relax, or put on some calming music while you have a long soak in the bath to unwind.

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