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Tackle trouble zones with these workouts

Tackle trouble zones with these workouts

There are some areas of the body that pretty much everyone would like to change. So how do you tone them up properly? Here are some great tips for dealing with those trouble zones, as recommended by Your Fitness magazine.

Toned arms

The dreaded bingo wings can really knock a person's self-confidence, but it's so easy to change things quickly. As the upper arm is a sign of someone's age, wellness coach Ashley Hunt has shared how to go about toning this area up.

"The key is to combine specific exercises with ones for the entire upper body," she told the publication. "Mix arm strengthening with all-round strength training, including for the back and chest, which will help tone overall."

Try tricep bench dips, where you sit on the edge of a bench with your legs out in front and back to the bench. Simply bend your arms and stretch so they're almost straight again - you'll feel the difference after!

Tough chest

One thing many women worry about is the dreaded boob sag, and as we get older, more effort needs to be made to keep breasts pert. It goes without saying that a proper, supportive sports bra is crucial to keeping things in place, and personal trainer Ross Styles suggests using a shoulder-width grip when exercising. While many recommend a wide one, Ross notes that this method misses out on toning a large region.

Good old bench presses will help, and using dumbbells will help lift things as well as tone. Lie on a stability ball with the middle of your back secure and push the weights up from your chest with your knuckles facing forward. Don't worry about fully extending; close to straight is enough.

Firm bottom

We're not all blessed with a defined butt, so for some, this is the main focus of their workouts. Ashley is aware of the dream of having a perfect derriere and believes keeping it in mind at all times, not just during exercise, is the key.

"Engage the glutes while walking up stairs, running for the bus, or even sitting in the office," she shared.

A bridge for the butt is a good move: simply lie on your back with your legs bent and then push your bottom up, squeezing. Lower before repeating - around 30 counts will help the muscles define.

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