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Stay fit – and fab – at the gym

Stay fit – and fab – at the gym

Don't scrimp on style at the gym, as the better you think you look, the harder you'll push yourself. It might seem like vanity, but confidence is a big deal when it comes to working out - especially if you're not exactly in the right mood to hit the treadmill or a cross-trainer. A new top or new pair of trainers will give you an added boost when it comes to fitness.

Avoid following the guys and the beefcakes, who wear tatty old T-shirts and ripped shorts because they think it gives them a rugged, 'I really don't care what I look like' look, and don't wear a top that's too small or one that's too big. Find clothing that looks good on you and perhaps helps highlight a body part you like - or one that others have complimented you on (legs, arms, abs, butt etc.)

You don't need to spend a fortune on high-end gear, although the old adage 'you get what you pay for' really is worth considering when shopping for a new gym look. The best clothes really will help you look more like a treadmill model than a novice. And gyms are great places to meet partners too, so look great and find a fit mate!

If you really want to step out in style, here are a few great places to try out for the perfect gym wardrobe:

Panache Cyclewear

Tory Sport




Lululemon Athletica

Human Performance Engineering

925 Fit

Kate Hudson's Fabletics

Also, while you're working on a new gym look, why not change up your work-out playlist. This will give you something to look forward to when you're not in the mood for working out. Try to find the rhythm of your work-out, especially the first 15 minutes of your cardio, and download songs that will help you walk and run to the beat. Try to keep the tracks upbeat and high energy, as favourite ballads won't give you the jumpstart you might need. Songs that sound great in your bedroom aren't always the right ones for your work-out. Once you've got the first 15 minutes out of the way, you're ready and set for the rest of whatever you need to do at the gym.

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