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Spring clean your mind

Spring clean your mind

We often focus on getting our homes in order as the warm weather arrives, but don’t forget about refreshing yourself emotionally too.

It’s natural to want to throw the windows open, de-clutter your personal space and give your house a good spritz with summer on the way. However, issues regarding our relationships, health, loved ones, career and money shouldn’t be ignored at this time of year. Often we bury our feelings and promise to deal with concerns another day, but there’s no better time than now to think about our mental wellbeing. By wading through some of the rooms in our home, it must just make you feel emotionally happier too.

We look at some valuable advice from trusty experts on the matter.

De-clutter your possessions

Keeping an old rowing machine or bag of clothes which don’t fit anymore will only prove a constant reminder of resolutions you’ve failed to keep. Start afresh by donating them to a charity shop and then focus on new, obtainable goals for the next few months.

“Most of us will be familiar with the pattern of keeping things we never use,” explained organising consultant and author Marie Kondo. “Even if we don't particularly like them, we keep them on the off-chance they may come in handy again in the future.

“So make a change, keep only what you use, and is part of your life NOW. Belongings from the past don't represent who you are anymore.”

Tidy up

Marie insists that as soon as you start dusting and cleaning, you will feel motivated to tackle other issues in your life. Get through all the tiresome housework and then make a list of anything you want to change about your current situation.

“As you de-clutter and organise your house or your room, you are subconsciously organising the chaos in your mind,” she revealed, according to Huffington Post. “It can be a form of mindfulness, distracting your brain from real life issues, and allowing you to feel a sense of achievement in organising your physical space before tackling the cause of your mental disorder.”

Clean office = clean mind

Making sure your work space is bright and tidy has a huge impact on your morale. We spend so much time at work that dirty keyboards or cluttered desks will hardly help us maximise our productivity.

“A couple of minutes spent cleaning and de-cluttering your work space can have a significant impact on your concentration and focus throughout the day,” says expert Rachel Barton. “Leaving nothing to distract you from focusing on the work in front of you!”

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