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Sexual health concerns sussed

Sexual health concerns sussed

Talking about your sex life can be a little awkward, particularly if you're trying to discuss it with your doctor. While medical personnel are equipped to deal with numerous health concerns, when it comes to sex there can be some areas that aren't covered in as much detail. Thankfully Mind Body Green has put together a guide to some of the most important things you need to know about sex, whatever your age.

1: Diabetes could affect your orgasm ability. A study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology in 2012 reportedly found that there is a link between the autoimmune disease and sexual dysfunction in women. They believe this could be down to the clitoris finding it harder to feel sensations because of vascular or neurologic changes.

2: The pill can cause vaginal dryness. If you're still quite dry down below even when you're turned on, it could be a side effect of your birth control pill. Speak to your doctor about trying a different brand or if you're happy with it in every other way, use a lubricant.

3: Vibrators don't affect pace makers. If you're concerned that your handy little friend could affect your ticker, don't worry, vulva or vaginal vibrations will not affect it.

4: Vaseline isn't vagina friendly. While it's great for smoothing the lips on your face, the petroleum jelly has been found to double the chances of bacterial vaginosis. This can cause a bad odour or vaginal discharge so go for silicone-based lubricants instead.

5: Infertility problems don't have to ruin your sex life. A 2012 study by the Indiana University School of Public Health confirmed that assisted reproductive techniques, especially IVF, cause problems with sexual desire, interest and satisfaction. As well as the stress related issues that come with such treatments, women can suffer from pain and dryness in their vagina. So it's important to take your time when attempting sex. Also make sure to show each other love and affection outside of the bedroom so it doesn't feel like such a chore and you can hopefully enjoy it once again.

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