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Run to satisfaction

Run to satisfaction

Earlier this week it was National Running Day but if you didn't dust off the trainers and go for a jog, you might want to think about catching up today. Brooks has released its third Brooks Run Happy Nation report and uncovered some pretty frisky facts that suggest frequent runners could reap the benefits in the bedroom.

According to their study, 35 per cent of Americans noticed their running performance improved if they'd enjoyed some action with their partner. And 41 per cent jumped off the treadmill and straight into bed, claiming running made them feel frisky (must be the endorphins!).

But while pounding the pavement put them in the mood for time alone with that special someone, not many people would choose their partner as their running buddy. Thirty-two per cent of Americans enjoy running with a friend, while 20 per cent prefer taking their dog along. And then there were the 24 per cent who shunned pets and people and would rather take a digital fitness tracker with them.

Oh, and did we mention eight per cent of US runners and 11 per cent of Canadian runners admit to going commando? Kinky!

So why exactly does exercise make you so much friskier between the sheets? For one, it increases your blood flow, which means more blood also gets pumped to your nether regions. For men, this means a stronger erection but women also benefit from blood flow to the vagina.

It also improves your flexibility and stamina, meaning you'll be much more willing and able to try out some new positions.

So the next time you're feeling a bit lethargic, shake yourself out of it and get those running shoes on. For extra motivation, plan a date night with your partner for afterwards. If that doesn't get you going, we don't know what will!

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