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Rise in the number of Irish men undergoing boob reduction surgery

Rise in the number of Irish men undergoing boob reduction surgery

The number of Irish men undergoing cosmetic surgery to tackle excess male breast tissue has increased significantly in recent years, according to a leading Irish surgeon.

Procedures to tackle gynecomastia, a condition often dubbed ‘man boobs’, are on the incline in Ireland with more men than ever seeking consultations to alleviate the embarrassing issue.

Dr Peter Prendergast, Director of Venus Medical and President of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, says the number of men enquiring about the surgery and going on to have the procedure has increased throughout the last three years. Between four and five men attend consultations for the issue at in his clinic each week and most decide to go ahead with the procedure, which is a significant increase when compared to 2013.

“It’s definitely always been a popular surgery, but the number of guys coming into the clinic for consultations each week and then undergoing surgery has increased in recent years.

“I would say 70pc of men who come into the clinic for body contouring would undergo this procedure.

“Many of the men enquiring about the surgery have battled with gynecomastia since puberty and it’s a huge confidence thing for many of them. They feel the aesthetics are holding them back.

 “A lot of men who come into consultations would speak about their embarrassment, how they’re afraid to take their top off on the beach, or how they’ve spent years wearing baggy shirts in an effort to cover up,” said Dr. Prendergast.

During puberty most teenage boys will develop fatty tissue around the chest or “breast” area which usually subsides naturally within a year or so. However, for 10pc of men it can remain for the rest of their adult lives. Obesity and hormonal changes can also aid the development of fat and glandular tissue in the chest area, defined as gynecomastia.

Dr Prendergast said that the ultrasound assisted liposuction technology (vaser) used in Venus clinic is minimally invasive, and patients can return to work within two days at a cost of €4,700.

Other procedures that are growing more popular with Irish men include botox, procedures to reduce underarm sweating, and intravenous vitamin drips.

Aisling Cleary, Registered General Nurse River Medical, agreed that interest in chest reduction surgery has increased in recent years.

“We see a consistent number of patients every month, enquiring about gynecomastia. Most men will have tried diet and exercise to try to resolve the issue themselves but with true gynecomastia, breast tissue will have been produced in adolescence and can only be removed with surgery.

“In my experience the reasons for choosing to undergo surgery are always the same, to regain confidence. We’ve become more stylish as a nation and guys want to feel good in their clothes. There is also the Irish banter element and men can be cruel to one another and make each other feel self-conscious; this can be a driver in attending a consultation,” she said.

In River Medical, the procedure ranges in price from €4,600 to €7000 and recovery can be between one and two weeks.

Meanwhile, a recent UK study revealed that the number of men researching male chest reduction surgery has spiked in the last year.

The research carried out by surgery price comparison website found that enquiries into procedures to tackle gynaecomastia have increased by 65pc compared to this time in 2015.

Two thirds of men who expressed an interest in undergoing the procedure were within the 18 and 34 year old age bracket.