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Researchers reveal what your birth month says about your health

New research suggets link between birth month and certain illnesses
New research suggets link between birth month and certain illnesses

Researchers at Colombia University in New York have published a study which reveals what your health concerns will be depending on the month you are born.

The researchers looked at New York city's medical database and they found 55 diseases or illnesses that correlate with a seasonal birth.

The results, published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association certainly make for interesting reading, though how seriously we need to take them is still up for debate.

In fact, even the researchers admit that while they were able to make the links between birth month and certain maladies, the links were not nearly as influential on illness as lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise.

Similar results have been found in tests conducted in Sweden and other countries and the US researchers now plan to roll out the tests in other parts of the country to see if location is a factor.

Anyway, here is the list, which is a great read if you are a May baby.

January - Hypertension, cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease)

February - Lung and bronchial cancer

March - Cardiac failure, mitral valve disorder, arrhythmia

April - Angina

May - a lucky month with no increased likelihood of disease

June - preinfarction syndrome (severe angina)

July - asthma

August - another lucky month

September - vomiting

October - insect bites, STIs, chest infections

November - least likely to develop arrhythmia, mitral valve disorder and lung cancer

December - bruising