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Pile on the greens to shed the pounds

Pile on the greens to shed the pounds

It’s the conundrum we have been trying to crack for centuries - how to lose weight! But according to recent studies, it’s actually really quite simple; just eat more vegetables.

Replacing calorific, fattier foods with plants, and adding more plant-based foods into your diet has been shown to be one of the most effective tools for weight loss. And that doesn’t mean adopting Beyonce’s vegan diet either.

Although research is still emerging about the link between veganism and weight loss, reported that plant-based diets show more weight loss without placing the emphasis on cutting calories.

Animal products are, by nature, more calorific than foods from plants, so focusing on a diet mostly combined of plant products will naturally eradicate excess calories.

But meat and animal products aren't the only groups you'll miss out on with a plant-based meal — in most cases, you're also eliminating excess sugar, added sugar, processing and additives.

Whole fruits and veggies (and legumes) contain more fibre, and there's a strong link between eating more fibre and weight loss because you're tummy’s full and is digesting food better.

Aside from weight loss, there are several other benefits gained from a veggie stuffed diet. Plant-based foods are lower in fat and cholesterol.

So how do you make your diet more plant-based? Start by making small changes such as adding one green vegetable to every meal, and go meat free a couple of days a week.

But if you’re not ready to dive straight into days of broccoli and kale, Meatless Mondays - one day of meals being entirely plant-based – has become popular both as a means to lose weight and help the environment.

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