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Perk up with these simple life changes

Perk up with these simple life changes

How many times have you complained about being tired over the last week? Or sat around wishing away the hours until the weekend? Although you might think it's normal to feel sluggish all the time, to struggle to get to sleep, or to spend hours in the office wishing you were somewhere else, it's not a great way to live. Obviously you're not going to love your job all the time and occasionally you will feel sleepy during the day, but those should be rarities. Here we look at some ways to help you feel more content.

Check out your diet

When you're feeling low, it's easy to think something sugary will boost your mood - hello chocolate and cake. Similarly you might feel like a glass - or two - of wine to help you unwind in the evening. These are the worst decisions you can make because sugar causes energy spikes followed by lulls and alcohol interrupts sleep. Instead eat little and often, going for nutritious options like fruit and vegetables and nuts and top up on water so you're not dehydrated and steer clear of caffeine.


Again, when you're fed up and tired, this is the last thing on your mind. But getting your body moving is one of the best things you can do if you're feeling blue, as you'll get a burst of feel-good endorphins. Even just a little bit will help, so if you can't face a full-on gym session try getting a DVD to do at home. Many super-fast workouts are available this way, and surely you can find ten minutes to devote to your wellbeing?

Consider your spend

Money is often at the route of people's worries. If that sounds familiar, it's time to get smart around your shopping. We're not suggesting you never splash out again, but go for things that will genuinely make you happy. You might want that new top, but will it still give you a fuzzy glow next week? Probably not. Spending on a posh meal with friends or a weekend away will though, because the experience is more prolonged.


This might sound a bit new age, but if you're finding it hard to see the good things in life, force yourself to. That means writing down three things which perked you up each day - having to think about them will make you consider what's good about your life.

Take a leap

If you're a procrastinator this will be hard, but try to dive into the moment. Don't obsess about what you should or could be doing with your time; just enjoy what you're up to at that moment.


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