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Peak sexiness revealed

Peak sexiness revealed

You might think it's all in your mind when you have a drink and your confidence soars. But new research by Bristol University claims we really are at our most beautiful after one glass of wine - and the object of your desire doesn't even have to be under the influence themselves to think so.

Scientists say that's because the alcohol dilates our pupils and gives our cheeks a gorgeous flush. It also relaxes facial muscles, which can make people seem more approachable.

To come to this conclusion, researchers called upon 40 students and asked them to consume varying amounts of alcohol. Their picture was then taken three times - sober, after one glass of wine and after consuming a second drink - and their sober companions were asked to judge them on attractiveness in each snap.

As detailed by the report in LiveScience, the judging participants saw two headshots next to each other, either one taken while sober and one after one drink or one sober next to a photo taken after two drinks.

Photos taken after one drink were rated higher than the ones taken while sober. However, participants favoured the sober snap over the one taken after two beverages.

"It suggests that, if it's true, people are rated as more attractive once they've consumed a small amount of alcohol," the study's senior researcher, Marcus Munafò, explained to LiveScience.

"But if they go on to consume more alcohol, they're no longer rated as more attractive."

That could be because muscles become too slack and faces too red after several drinks. However, slightly dilated pupils suggest attraction and rapport.

"That obviously doesn't mean that alcohol is healthy," Professor Munafò added. "What it means is that alcohol is sort of hijacking that mechanism, or promoting the aspects of facial features that we regard as attractive for other reasons."

So next time you have a first date, don't feel bad about having one glass of wine to calm your nerves - it might even make you more attractive. But it's also a good reason not to get carried away with the drinks and wake up with a sore head and regrets the next day!

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